About Us

The Peoria Ski Club encourages participation in many forms of outdoor activities and social events. We are a non-profit organization based in Peoria, Illinois, USA and currently have about 250 members. As stated in the Peoria Ski Club Constitution & Bylaws, our objectives are:
* To promote participation in outdoor sports, particularly snow skiing.
* To instruct in principles, courtesies, and safe practices of skiing.
* To organize and to engage in ski trips and friendly ski competition.
* To sponsor social activities of interest to outdoor sports enthusiasts.
* To affiliate with other organizations in promoting outdoor sports.

Although our primary concentration is on downhill snow skiing, we organize activities year round. In the winter, we run ski trips to the Midwest, Northeast, West, Canada, and Europe. Other activities that have kept us entertained between ski trips and during the off-season include:

* Monthly Meetings & Socials* Skits & Talent Nights
* Style Shows
* Awards Banquets
* Happy Hours
* House Parties
* Picnics
* Cross Country Skiing
* Ice Skating
* Roller Blading
* Volleyball
* Bicycle Trips
* Hiking Trips
* Camping Trips
* Boat/Raft/Canoe Trips
* Water Skiing
* Swimming
* Bowling
* Golf Outings
* Scavenger Hunts
* Road Rallys
* Bar Bus Tours
* Curling


Basically, if someone comes up with an idea that interests a dozen or so people, we'll give it a try. We're a fun loving bunch of people and enjoy seeing new faces at our functions. Guests are always welcome, so drop in sometime and say "Hi".

The Peoria Ski Club was founded in 1959 under the name "Smubiks of Peoria". If you are wondering what "Smubiks" means, just read the name backwards and all will be made clear. Later, our name was changed to Peoria Ski Club, but we retained the term "Smubiks" as the name of our monthly newsletter. Over the years, our membership has fluctuated dramatically. It hit its peak in the 70's at over 1000 members. At the time, the Peoria Ski Club was as popular for its social activities as it was for its ski trips. Things were a little wilder and crazier back then. Through the 80's, as social attitudes and interest in skiing changed, we experienced a gradual decline in membership that hit a low of less than 200. As the 80's came to a close, our membership stabilized and as we entered the 90's we experienced a slow recovery. Today we have a membership of about 300, most of which are avid skiers, friends, and family. The typical ages of our members are between 30 and 65. We're a little more reserved than we were in the 70's, but still like to kick up our heels every once in a while.

The Peoria Ski Club adopted its Constitution on May 28th, 1975 and the tradition of the Annual Awards Banquet was established in the 1975-1976 season. The Smubiks Award is given to those individuals who, year after year, go above and beyond the call of duty in service to the club.
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